For more than 25 years, we have supported banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions with projects related to regulatory reporting, risk control, data management and similar. Our consulting services cover a wide range of topics, from the evaluation of new statutory requirements and their implementation, all the way to strategy, organization, processes, operational tasks and systems, technology and much more.

We bring with us

We provide consulting services related to our RegTech, RiskTech and SupTech solutions

As a business partner, it is a special concern of ours to ensure that our regulatory, risk, supervisory and tax solutions are deployed to your utmost satisfaction. Our solution-related consulting services are tailored to support you comprehensively at all stages: implementation, extension, operation and usage. This incorporates, for example, the following services:

  • We support you with a complete spectrum of implementation projects, including planning, functional and IT designs, integration, testing and deployment. 
  • When given new or adjusted requirements from supervisory authorities, we support you with the impact analysis for your company.
  • In the event of changes within your company (e.g. organizational restructuring, the introduction of new products, statutory adjustments), we are right at your side to analyze the effects on regulatory reporting and risk management  and to make any necessary adjustments. 
  • If new requirements arise for your company, e.g. for additional evaluations and data analysis for areas like accounting, risk controlling, treasury or controlling, we help you to implement these changes.

Our consulting services cover the following key areas:

  • Systems integration of our RegTech, RiskTech and SupTech solutions

    Regulatory, risk control and accounting topics are the key drivers for successful and efficient back office activities in the banking and insurance business. These areas heavily rely on data and become increasingly interconnected and integrated in overall business processes. The structure of relevant reporting and steering data is crucial and requires efficient technical and organizational processes at our clients. We support our clients by providing profound expertise in regulatory, risk and accounting data. 

    When integrating your RegTech, RiskTech or SupTech solutions, you can benefit from our standardized and efficient implementation model. The model can be individually tailored according to your architecture and your company’s situation. A pilot study is often a useful first step to budget and to plan implementation schedules.

  • Regulatory impact based on organizational and legal change

    Mergers of separate organizational units always lead to numerous questions, in particular regarding organizational and operational issues, including the areas of regulatory reporting, risk control & management and accounting. What is often neglected is the challenge of merging systems, data and processes. By bringing both expert knowledge and technical know-how, we advise our clients on these sensitive decisions.

  • Management of regulatory change

    Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions have to adapt to the constantly changing regulatory and accounting environment. We advise our customers on the latest regulatory developments, help them to evaluate how the changes affect them and to organize their business processes accordingly.


  • Process optimization

    Implementation and fulfilment of regulatory requirements is associated with substantial costs and efforts. The streamlining of relevant (reporting) processes helps to keep up with the upcoming regulatory changes, to increase efficiency and to reduce costs. We help our clients to achieve these goals by evaluating the possibilities regarding process optimization and technology, as well as supporting them with the implementation of these changes. 

    Innovative technologies such Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) or approaches from the area of robotics play an increasingly significant role in process optimization. By combining our expertise in these areas with our wide range of services, we are able to offer you the opportunity to incorporate innovative approaches when redesigning or adapting your processes. For more information on our DLT service offering please also click on the following link.

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