The Single Resolution Board (SRB) published guidance and templates for the 2021 collection of resolution data. The SRB centralises resolution reporting for banks under its remit before the reports are transferred to the European Banking Authority (EBA). The reports will be collected by the SRB from national resolution authorities (NRAs) exclusively in XBRL format. As was the case in previous collections, NRAs will communicate banks’ reporting requirements, as determined in collaboration with the SRB. The SRB highlights the overlap between the EBA and the SRB reporting requirement. Where an SRB Replacement Report exists (e.g. Z 02.00 is replaced by T 01.00), ONLY the replacement report should be sent by the bank (T 01.00). Where no SRB Replacement Report exists (e.g. Z 10.01), then the Z report needs to be sent (if requested by the NRA/SRB from the reporting entity). Except for T99.00, the "Other SRB Liability templates" should only be filled when explicitly requested by the NRA/SRB (granular reporting of POE files). The reporting deadline for the liability data report is 31.03.2021; for all other reports 30.04.2021.

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