The Single Resolution Board (SRB) launched their resolution data request for 2020. The content and format of the data request has been aligned where possible with the European Banking Authority (EBA) reporting framework 2.9; however, the SRB has extended the data request – in particular, through additional liability data - where necessary to fulfil its mandate as group-level resolution authority. This data request is aligned with the ongoing work undertaken at the EBA on the development of implementing technical standard (ITS) on reporting, while addressing some specificities of the resolution strategies. Given the temporary nature of this data request, which will eventually be replaced by regulatory technical standards (RTS), the data collection for this specific report will be in Excel format in 2020. This data may be collected in XBRL in future, if fully integrated into the EBA’s ITS.

The SRB will continue to collect data from banks via the national resolution authorities (NRAs) for those banks under the SRB’s remit for 2020. NRAs will inform banks of their resolution reporting obligations in October 2019, once these are finalised in collaboration with the SRB. The deadline for delivery by banks to NRAs is 31 March 2020 for the liability reports (main report in XBRL and additional liability data in Excel). All other resolution reports are to be submitted by the banks by 30 April 2020.

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