The Single Resolution Board (SRB) launched a public consultation (to run until 30 June 2020) on a standardised data set, which aims to ensure that banks’ IT systems are able to provide a minimum level of accurate and timely data to support a robust valuation for resolution. The new standardised data set is the second key building block of the SRB’s approach to valuation, following the Framework for Valuation published in 2019. The SRB Data Set does not impose any reporting obligations, but it defines the SRB’s expectations for the information it needs to perform an independent valuation and provides guidance to institutions. The consultation covers two documents: the ‘SRB Valuation Data Set instructions document’, which establishes clear expectations in relation to data needs and detailed definitions of key topics and data fields, and an explanatory note, which provides guidance regarding banks’ MIS capabilities to produce timely, complete and accurate information.

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