The European Banking Authority (EBA) updated the list of common-equity tier-1 (CET1) instruments of EU institutions and published a report on the monitoring and assessment of CET1 instruments according to the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). Since the first publication of the list in 2014, the EBA has included 16 new forms of instruments issued after the entry into force of the CRR.  The report highlights areas where the EBA deemed it necessary to amend the terms and conditions of the instruments, the national laws of a given jurisdiction or the institutions' by-laws/statutes to make a given instrument eligible as CET1 capital. The EBA is also reviewing pre-CRR CET1 instruments. The CET1 report will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the EBA's findings from the assessment of different forms of CET1 instruments, either pre-CRR or new instruments; however, the assessments and/or findings included in this report are based on CRR I provisions applicable at the time of the review. The CRR II amends the own funds provisions of the CRR I, including with regard to the EBA powers in relation to the CET1 list, setting out that the EBA be consulted ex ante for new forms of instruments that are not yet included in the CET1 list in order for them to be classified as CET1 instruments.

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